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The Cooping Theory 1969

Happy to announce that I will join the team of Poseidon Theatre Company's The Cooping Theory 1969: Who Killed Edgar Allen Poe? as the production stage manager! The run will open September 16th, find tickets and more information here.

"A modern Edgar Allan Poe story meets a 1960s horror movie. The year is 1969. After you knock 3xs (three times), your journey begins. You are invited to join the gathering. A new generation of The Poe Society hosts a cocktail party to commemorate the anniversary of the mysterious death of Edgar AllanPoe. Drink, eat and mingle with The Society. The meeting commences, and the room is smudged for protection. An otherworldly medium arrives to reach out to the spirit of Poe. A seance ensues and quickly goes awry! As The Society seeks answers to Poe's unresolved death, what they find out is their own terrifying truth. What happens next? Find out for yourself.

Journey beneath Manhattan into RPM Underground, where a masterpiece of design and ambiance awaits you with a full bar available for your enjoyment throughout the experience. Cocktails, Myth, Mystery, Murder...Ghosts...experience the world and words of Edgar Allan Poe like you never have before."

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