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Stars in the Night

Very happy to be joining the Firelight Collective team as the ASM/swing SM for Stars in the Night! The production will open September 13th and will take place in various site specific locations throughout DUMBO, Brooklyn. For more info and tickets please see here.

"Written and directed by Firelight Collective artistic directors Stephanie Feury and Nathan Keyes,Stars in the Night "unravels across the cobblestone streets, homes, and businesses of Dumbo, Brooklyn. Intimate groups of 12 audience members are taken on a journey to witness the fallout when a woman suddenly goes missing, and the ripples of her disappearance illuminate mystifying connections between seeming strangers. An original story performed by nine actors, Stars in the Nightis staged throughout four locations — from the iconic 19th-century warehouse newly refurbished as Empire Stores, into secret and unexpected environments and intimate living spaces, revealing a deeply powerful and engaging experience."

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