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Very excited to announce that EN BUSCA | IN PURSUIT has been accepted into Teatro SEA's 5th Season of Microtheatre! Performances will take place December 14th-16th, tickets are $5 will be available at the door only.

EN BUSCA | IN PURSUIT is an immersive and participatory physical theatre exploration investigating the colors of our hopes and dreams. This piece seeks to consider the distance between where we are and where we wish to be, and what strategies we might use to bridge the gap. Using colors as a categorical structure, EN BUSCA | IN PURSUIT offers a glimpse of what it might be like to pursue your dreams.

EN BUSCA | IN PURSUIT is devised and directed by Allie Marotta and is devised and performed by Fernando Moya Delgado, using a collective creation process. The piece premiered in Ecuador in Dec. 2017, produced by El Tiatro ( It gained the attention of top multimedia news platforms like the Ecuadorian TV Channel “Ecuavisa”, the newspaper “El Universo”, Telemundo, and the radio shows “La Lupa” and “Planta el carro”. In July 2018 an excerpt of the work was commissioned to be presented at Salon BKLYN (

"His smile was easy, but his eyes were bright with wonder as he found me in my quiet corner, hidden where I hoped I might not be seen. Wordlessly, he proffered the bowl he held clasped between both hands. I took one of the pieces of paper, and as this lovely, ethereal creature flitted away, I unraveled my three-word prophecy. “I am FEARLESS,” the paper told me. I smiled, for Fate had given me someone else’s paper.

At the center of the crowd, our every eye upon him, he was ready. “What is your dream?” the spirit whispered. The tension, the static that thrummed among us was almost palpable as the Dreamer - not quite sage and not quite memory, but somehow more than both - invited we lucky few, we passing spark to follow him in his journey."

-Excerpt from a review by Josh Call

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