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The Could've Beens (or Sperm Play)

Very excited to announce that I will be co-directing The Could've Beens (or Sperm Play) with Joe Reault for a one night performance at Dixon Place on June 9th.

The Could’ve-Beens (or Sperm Play) tells the story of five sperm cells in search of an egg… which they have difficulty finding once they realize they are inside a man. Andy the Anus and Pete the Prostate guide the sperm cells on their journey to finding a purpose and self-acceptance in this existential queer comedy.

The cast includes Charlie Akre, Zach Carter, Jamie Lowenstein, Rob Milano, Elhajj Outland, Jake Simard, and Preston White.

The creative team includes Fernando Moya Delgado, Quentin Madia, Stephen Stanec, and Avery Stray.

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