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Very excited to announce that I will be directing the closing show of Sitting Shotgun's inaugural season, In the Tent of the King, written by emerging playwright and beloved collaborator, Josh Call. In the Tent of the King is a classically structured Greek play written, conceptualized, and created from a contemporary point of view. The play highlights the divide between the Trojan civilians and the Greek army in the wake of the Trojan War, questioning the equity of being human in a post-war setting, asking the essential question, "Can a good person do evil things?"

The cast features Naomi Bagate, Fernando Moya Delgado, Alexa Kent, Alec Kirazian, Tom Lewis, Nathan Luce, Jackie Meissner, Stephanie Orta-Vàzquez, Cassy Pogensky, and Kelsey Senteio. Production and design includes Joe Reault (Associate Director), Ricardo Delgado (Asst. Director), Steven Medina (Set/Prop Design), David Bull (Light Design), Olivia Vordenberg (Music/Sound Design), Sammy Mainzer (Costume Design), Linnea Sumner (Hair/Makeup Design, Asst. Costume Design), Lauren Rinn (Injury/FX Design), Leana Gardella (Fight Choreography), Fernando Moya Delgado (Movement Director), and Nick Mayfield (Media/Graphic Design).

In the Tent of the King will perform April 20th-22nd at The Hive in Brooklyn, New York.

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