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Announcement - EIDETIC MEMORY

Beyond excited to announce that I will be directing/devising/facilitating a new project entitled EIDETIC MEMORY!

eidetic memory \ī-ˈde-tikˈmem-rē\ n. an ability to vividly recall images from memory after only a few instances of exposure

EIDETIC MEMORY is a relational and participatory experiment exploring the links between memory, identity, and image. This live devising piece will take inspiration from artists like Tino Sehgal and The Neo-Futurists, and will draw upon theory from Nicolas Bourriaud's "Relational Aesthetics", Hans-Thies Lehmann's "Postdramatic Theatre", and Jaques Ranciere's "The Emancipated Spectator".

EIDETIC MEMORY is a part of the MA Summer Festival at Royal Holloway University of London and will perform in the Caryl Churchill Theatre June 5th-8th. Stay tuned for (free !!) ticket information!

Casting submissions are open NOW! Email for more information.

Poster design by Magnum Phoenix.

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