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dust to dust - Rehearsals

After all the madness of showcase, we have been quite busy in the dust to dust rehearsal room! Working with a myriad of techniques ranging from Grotowski based movement work to Bogart's Viewpoints, we've been creating a portfolio of work as we begin to investigate our subject matter - man made disasters and how they affect the people of a small, tight knit community. We've been working with inspiration and source material from movies like Room and The Village, TV shows including Under the Dome and The Leftovers, theater including Laramie Project and the Spoon River Anthology, as well as various art, music, spoken word poetry, and news articles. We're scheduled to go up April 22nd, but check back here for more information and details! Here are some cool pictures from some of our explorations so far:

Photos featuring Lucca de Oliveira, MaryKathryn Alford, Josh Call, Ryan Beaghler, Rob Milano, Cydnie Hampton, Jackie Meissner, Bri Janokczin, Fernando Moya, Tommy Lewis, and Tyler Crosby

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