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Me. You. Us. Closing Remarks

What a whirlwind of a weekend! With four shows this past weekend I think it's safe to say that we are all exhausted. The IPE Showcase was such a wonderful opportunity and an amazing learning experience. We had such a great time performing and being able to perform in such a cool space was a treat. I had the privilege to watch each performance and was completely thrilled. We had a full house every show! As always, I am incredibly thankful to my actors, who are not only my actors but my ensemble, my friends, my creative family, and collaborative partners. A little sentimental, but here's a compilation video of the past two years we've spent working together, showing both our work and all around antics alike. Take a look:

Also, below are a few shots I snagged during our tech rehearsal, but check back here under the "Photos & Video" link soon for more production stills and a recording of the whole piece!

Photos and video featuring Allie Anschutz, Maya Ferguson, and Robert Michael Longo

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