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Gruesome Playground Injuries - Rehearsals

Thrilled to announce my final scene choice and casting for the PPA Directing Showcase performance of Gruesome Playground Injuries. Doug will be played by PPA BA Acting Sophomore Zach Carter Kayleen will be played by PPA BA Acting Junior Keleigh Principi We will be performing Scene 1: "Face Split Open" in the showcase! In this scene, Kayleen and Doug are eight years old and meet for the first time in the nurse's office at school. We are so beyond excited to be exploring this integral moment of the "spark" of Doug and Kayleen's tumultuous relationship. Just last week we had our first open rehearsal at The Drama League for Executive Director, Gabriel Shanks. We had a blast sharing some of our table-work with both Gabriel and the class, and received some very helpful feedback. We'll be back in with the class, plus a special industry guest observer to learn some more on March 31st. Stay tuned!

Zach Carter, performing Youexistrightnow, a PPA devised ensemble show.

Keleigh Principi performing Gathering Sparks in Bangkok, Thailand, as a part of PPA's IPE traveling devised ensemble shows.

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