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CIRQUE takes on Argentina!

WE MADE IT! Somehow, someway all four of us have made it successfully into Argentina. After a LONG (13 hour!!) flight, we arrived at our beautiful apartment (thank you AirBnB!) in Palermo, which is like the SoHo of Buenos Aires according to our travel guides. We've spent the past few days relaxing, rehearsing, and exploring our little neighborhood - lots of beautiful shops and restaurants, cobble stone streets, dogs roaming around. We also went to Recoleta which is a short drive from our place to explore the famous cemetery and town! The festival starts up soon so we'll be busy at KONEX for most of the rest of the trip, but here are some pictures for now!​

Bobby and Maya in Palermo. ​​

​Bobby, Allie, and Maya during a rehearsal.

Maya and Bobby at the Recoleta Cemetery.

All four of us out to dinner!

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