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DUMBWAITER Closing Remarks

I feel a little silly but I'm so upset at the closing of this beautiful, incredible show that I'm actually in tears as I write this. Going into Dumbwaiter I had nothing but an idea and a lot of faith, little did I know we would create something so incredible. This process has been the most loving, complicated, interesting, trying, and fun one that I have ever had creating a show. The ensemble we somehow magically put together is so strong, and these people are so important to me. I love everything about them and this show and this whole process. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to create theater with. Thank you so much, squad forever. Stay tuned for more production photos coming soon!

The ensemble, devisors, and cast of Dumbwaiter. Pictured: Josh Call (Chauncey Bucketsworth), Avery Dresel-Kurtz (Louisa Louisiana/Jess), Maggie Metnick (Eleanor Garden), Lucca de Oliveria (Santiago), Tyler Crosby (General Clancey Miller), Alec Kirazian (Detective Huxley Bonham), Nancy Herriman (Yvette Glass), Karl Keasler (Percival Wurmwood), Bessie Nellis (Unnamed).

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