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Fernando Does It All

An experience designed for Fernando Moya Delgado

9:35am-7:15pm+ CDT, Tuesday June 23rd, 2020

Based on the Odyssey Works experience design method, seeking to create an intimate and highly personalized experience for one participant at a time, Fernando Does It All was conceptualized based on Fernando's desire to relax after "a full day of work" which he has found himself missing at this time. Fernando also expressed that there were a number of important things he needed to get done in the coming days, so this experience put the two together to create a curated jam packed day of work and play for Fernando. 

Thank you Jillian, Justine, Nathan, Holly, Jackie, Alexis, Sonny, Connor, Stephanie, Jamie, Vera, Braden, Manatsu, and Martha for participating!

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