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October 2nd & 3rd, 2021 | Washington Square Park, NYC


THRESHOLD is a mini-participatory experience in which audience members have the opportunity to become a part of the work. Based on the idea of a doorway and the thought of, “What’s on the other side?,” audience members will participate in a live devising process to create a new performance piece just for them. THRESHOLD is both an experiential journey and an exercise in listening and hearing human stories. This fleetingly intimate piece seeks to find what human connection is left and offers a chance to not only be heard, but also validated.

"The performance that awaits me on the other side of the door, is such a beautiful personalized gift, it is hard to describe. I am surprised when I find myself tearing up at this truly unique performance. It is not perfect, but it has so much heart, I truly found myself transported into the world of our collective creation." -No Proscenium

Created and produced by You&I

Created with funds granted by City Artist Corps

Created and performed by Allie Marotta, Casterline Villar, Fernando Moya Delgado, Javan Nelson, Kyle Starling, Ricardo Delgado Garces, & Salome Egas

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